My Avengers Persona

Living up to a persona - #TheWasp I was recently given the persona at work as "The Wasp", so I had to investigate this character to see how much I needed to grow to become my own version of #TheWasp. "The Wasp (Janet van Dyne) is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published … Continue reading My Avengers Persona


Express Yourself

Words are so beautiful. Would you like to see them? Try to create a beautiful word cloud. This is the word cloud about "Passion and Mindset for Real Estate" Author: Pamela Simons, MBA Learning & Development Expert Author of upcoming book “Passion and Mindset for Real Estate” and “Speaking from Experience” blogger. Look for more … Continue reading Express Yourself

The Proof is in the Doing

I recently had a conversation about adult learning methods and outcomes. Of course the core with developing learning is to determine the outcome. Remember to start at the finish line and work your way back to the beginning. I want someone to be able to take an action, as my training objective. So to increase … Continue reading The Proof is in the Doing