Condos – Good or Bad?!

Is there a difference between a good condo and a bad condo? Condos have become a huge opportunity for many people. Some people purchase a condo as their primary residence. “Home Buyers” purchase in part due to the prices of “houses”. Other buyers are looking to “right-sizing" their home - downsizing from an empty nest … Continue reading Condos – Good or Bad?!


Landlord, Tenants & the law

I recently came across some tenants with a desperate need to break their lease "Quit Claim" and move on. It was based upon health reasons and their brand new baby. The problem - Marijuana smoke coming from a neighbour. Although I am not a lawyer and unable to provide legal advise, I do recommend a … Continue reading Landlord, Tenants & the law

Marketplace REBOOT

I was researching the marketplace for a client and wish to share my findings with you. Actual (not seasonally adjusted) activity was down 11.4 per cent year-over-year, which is mostly due to the significant fall in GTA sales activity. Number of Listings in W06 - Mimico = 152 approx (July 21, 2017) Studio Suites - there … Continue reading Marketplace REBOOT

Ontario leaves live-in superintendents exposed

This article was worth sharing... Review of exemptions to the Employment Standards Act promised for fall Tuesday, July 18, 2017 By Barbara Carss Live-in superintendents in multifamily buildings continue to have little protection in Ontario law. Earlier hints that the provincial government might move quickly to guarantee entitlement to the minimum wage, overtime pay, set … Continue reading Ontario leaves live-in superintendents exposed

Working with Buyers

Buying a home is a process, not an event. It is a complex process with several twists and turns along the way requiring expert guidance; which is where you come in! Whether you’re dealing with a first-time or experienced buyer, the way you explain this process will set the stage for the road ahead. Let’s … Continue reading Working with Buyers

What is happening to the Real Estate Marketplace in Toronto?

Many people are wondering what does the future hold for real estate in Toronto. The reality is that many things have gone back to "normal". So what does that mean? Normal is a more balance environment with homes on the market giving buyers time to think, review, assess and make offers. Normal is not a … Continue reading What is happening to the Real Estate Marketplace in Toronto?