Avoiding Rental Scams

Speaking from Experience Tips for Tenants: When you want to lease a home in Toronto there are many reasons why hiring your own agent (A Licensed Realtor©) is important, the main reason is to avoid being scammed and ensure you are working with a professional who will represent your interests.  Recent stories in the news … Continue reading Avoiding Rental Scams

HMMM It smells nice in here!

Does it matter if the property has a nice or nasty smell? An important discovery is that unpleasant odours tend to have more of an impact on moods than pleasant odours (Ehrlichman and Bastone, 1992). Relaxation The effects of fragrance can have a significant impact on relaxation and physical arousal. ... Certain smells can also enhance relaxation and reduce stress. According to … Continue reading HMMM It smells nice in here!

Difference between Buyer Market vs Seller Market

When you begin the home buying or selling journey, there may be several terms used that you’re unfamiliar with. Buyer’s market? Seller’s market? Balanced market? To help get you started, we’ve broken down the difference between a buyer’s market and a seller’s market below. Buyer’s Market: There are more homes on the market than there are … Continue reading Difference between Buyer Market vs Seller Market

Muskoka Bay Resort – NEW

The official launch is Wednesday August 16th PROJECT DETAILS: Developer: Freed Developments Location: Muskoka Bay Resort, 90 mins north of Toronto Size and scope: 62 units Features: coming tomorrow Pricing: coming tomorrow Deposit: coming tomorrow Occupancy: coming tomorrow 1) LOCATION . Just 90 minutes north of Toronto. One of the problems with many properties in … Continue reading Muskoka Bay Resort – NEW

GTA Home Prices and Market Commentary

Against a backdrop of sliding home sales in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the average price of detached homes continued to rise in 40% of Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) districts in the second quarter of 2017. We examined 65 neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area in the first six months of the year, comparing … Continue reading GTA Home Prices and Market Commentary

Condos – Good or Bad?!

Is there a difference between a good condo and a bad condo? Condos have become a huge opportunity for many people. Some people purchase a condo as their primary residence. “Home Buyers” purchase in part due to the prices of “houses”. Other buyers are looking to “right-sizing" their home - downsizing from an empty nest … Continue reading Condos – Good or Bad?!

Marketplace REBOOT

I was researching the marketplace for a client and wish to share my findings with you. Actual (not seasonally adjusted) activity was down 11.4 per cent year-over-year, which is mostly due to the significant fall in GTA sales activity. Number of Listings in W06 - Mimico = 152 approx (July 21, 2017) Studio Suites - there … Continue reading Marketplace REBOOT