HMMM It smells nice in here!

Does it matter if the property has a nice or nasty smell? An important discovery is that unpleasant odours tend to have more of an impact on moods than pleasant odours (Ehrlichman and Bastone, 1992). Relaxation The effects of fragrance can have a significant impact on relaxation and physical arousal. ... Certain smells can also enhance relaxation and reduce stress. According to … Continue reading HMMM It smells nice in here!


Express Yourself

Words are so beautiful. Would you like to see them? Try to create a beautiful word cloud. This is the word cloud about "Passion and Mindset for Real Estate" Author: Pamela Simons, MBA Learning & Development Expert Author of upcoming book “Passion and Mindset for Real Estate” and “Speaking from Experience” blogger. Look for more … Continue reading Express Yourself